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1.  Is Mental Health First Aid Canada training for me?

Yes - absolutely! Individuals (age 18+), emergency workers, human resources professionals, teachers, employers, people working with the public, volunteers, post-secondary students, general public - anyone would benefit from improved knowledge and understanding of mental health problems.  In society today we juggle many important tasks and responsibilities; it seems our lives are busier than ever.  We often make time to participate in physical first aid training, but neglect an equally important part of our well being - our mental health.  It's time to change that! We need to learn how mental health problems affect us and others and learn how we can help - let's end the stigma surrounding mental health problems together!


2.  Why should I have Mental Health First Aid Canada training?

If someone experiences a mental health crisis - will you know what to do?  Mental Health First Aid Canada training won't transform you into a counsellor or therapist; no more than Physical First Aid could transform you into a nurse or doctor, but MHFA Canada will teach you recognize the signs of mental health problems, teach you how to provide initial help until suitable professional help arrives and it will also help you guide an indvidual towards the appropriate supports.


3.  What can I expect at a Mental Health First Aid Canada training course?

Though the course content is serious, you can expect the classroom atmosphere to be comfortable and supportive.  Instruction is led by a facilitator(s), however individual, small group and large group participation is expected through activities and discussions. The maximum class size is 25 participants.


4.  How much does the course cost, where and when are courses offered?

Tuition may vary based on course location and catering requirements, however it will always include the course 

manual.  Courses are offered at various venues in St. John's and the surrounding area; instructors are willing to travel and are happy to provide training onsite.  Training is offered throughout the year on a regular basis, please email with specific inquires or to request a quote.








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