Mental Health First Aid Canada and ASIST Training Provider    

         Workplace Mental Health Consultant





Our instructors have varied experiences; but working in a remote location is one they uniquely understand. They recognize the struggles and stressors associated with isolation and strongly believe that MHFA Canada training can be beneficial for anyone - anywhere.


The team is passionate about mental wellness; they endeavour to promote mental health in the workplace and strive to encourage individuals to think about how it applies in their own lives.


Their commitment to ending the stigma associated with mental health problems is evident; as is their position on the importance of mental health education.  It is their common belief that society must have a better understanding of mental health issues and they believe this is possible through Mental Health First Aid Canada instruction. 


Through this training they feel a positive change can occur in the way society responds to individuals facing mental health problems.  As a result of advocacy, increased education and acceptance their hope is that individuals facing mental health problems can feel supported and the stigma surrounding mental health issues can finally end.  


MHFA Canada instruction can be offered by an individual instructor or through co-facilitation; instructors are willing to travel throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and across Canada.


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